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And now, the stunning conclusion to the Iron Man saga: the answer to “Did you have a good finish time?”

So, did you get a good time?

This is the most common question I get about the race. It’s an odd question, since most people have no idea what a good time for a 70.3 triathlon is — and I didn’t either until I started training for one — so here’s some basic framing to answer it:

1. The first 70.3 triathlon I attempted, I finished in just over 8 hours.
2. World Champion triathletes complete this same race in under 4 hours.
3. To be clear, an IronMan 70.3 is : 1.2 mile swim + 56 mile ride + 13.1 mile run = 70.3 miles.
4. Even though these people are insane, a “reasonable” time is:
. . .a 30 minute swim, a 3h15m bike, and a 2h15m run, resulting in…
5. My goal to complete the race in under 6 hours (sub-6), or 25% better than my first attempt.
6. My secret ambition was to complete the race in 5 hours 45 minutes (aka 5:45).
7. My highest hope was to complete the race in 5 hours 30 minutes
8. My delusional fantasy was to finish in under 5 hours (sub-5)…

. . . and thus qualify for the world championships in Hawaii (HaHaHa!!!!)


On this sunny day in June, I completed the race in 5 hours and 22 minutes.

All I knew when I crossed the finish line was that I had beat 6 hours. By my deluded exhaustion math, I felt that I had done 5 hours 31 minutes, and was slightly harrumphed that I had missed a 5:30 benchmark.

A few hours later, my aunt posted on Facebook that I had officially come in at “well under 5 hours 30 minutes.” Upon hearing this, I jumped for joy and screamed and made quite a medal-wearing scene with my girlfriend right in the middle of the stunned Tiki Bar.

So, in summary, I’d say yes, for me, I got a very good time.

You can read the full story of my triathlon experience, here.

final-results-GBR-eagleman-triathlon-tran finish-time-distribution-graph-eagleman-ironman-703-2014

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